françois j.v. valentiny | Architect (Mag.Arch.) & Urban Planner, Partner, Managing Director

1953            Born in Remerschen, Luxembourg
1975            Studies of Architcture at the University «Ecole d’architecture de Nancy», France and the                           «Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien», Austria
1980            Diplome « Magister architecturae »
1980            Founding of the architects’ office Hermann & Valentiny in Luxembourg and Vienna
1980, 1981   Assistant at the «International Summer Academy» in Salzburg
1987–1992   Visiting Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Department of Architecture
1991             First representative of Luxembourg at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, Italy
1991-1994   Member of the Design Advisory Committee, City of Salzburg, Austria
1997-2006   Member of the Architecture and Urban Advisory Committee, City of Trier, Germany
2000-2005   Member of the Advisory Committee «Deutsches Architektur Museum» Frankfurt am                                Main, Germany
Since 2002   Founder and publisher of the first Luxembourgish architectural magazine A-DATO
2003-2007   Member to the board of directors, Foundation of Architecture and Engineering,                                        Luxembourg
2004+2006   Luxembourg’s Commissioner at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, Italy
2006-2007   President of the Foundation of Architecture and Engineering, Luxembourg
Since 2009   Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzbourg
2010             Co-founder of the festival «Musica em Trancoso – MeT» , Trancoso, Brazil
2011             Chair as Master Professor at «De Tao Master Academy», Peking, China, « Shanghai                                  Institute of Visual Arts »



1980             « Förderpreis » by the Federal Ministry for Science and Research, Vienna, Austria
1988             Award for the most beautiful construction in steel, CBLIA Staalprijs - Brussels
1989             Luxembourg’s Architectural Award for the most beautiful realisation in concrete
1994             German state prize in the field of planning and design
1995             Architectural Award of Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
1998             Luxembourg’s Architectural Award for the best concrete building
2007             « Goldenes Ehrenzeichen fu?r Verdienste um die Republik Österreich »
2007             Honoured for his overall architectural oeuvre in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and                              Abroad



Monograph Hermann & Valentiny, Karl Krämer, Stuttgart 1991
Hermann & Valentiny, Edition Baumeister, Callwey , Munich 1995
Hermann & Valentiny and Partners – Birkhäuser, Zurich 2001
«Die Geschichte der Salzburger Festspiele von 1894 bis 2006» Wilhelm Holzbauer and François
Valentiny, Jung & Jung, Salzbourg 2007
CODES Hermann & Valentiny & Partners, Birkhäuser, Basel, Boston, Berlin
Hermann & Valentiny and Partners, Luxembourg Expo Pavilion 2010 Shanghai, Jovis, Berlin
JETZT–NOW Hermann & Valentiny & Partners, Birkhäuser, Basel, Boston, Berlin
ADATO–Architectural Magazine published by François Valentiny.
François Valentiny «DeTao Master of Community Planning and Green Architectural Design»,
DeTao Master Series Books, China Development Press, Beijing, China, 2011



1979            Honourable Mention «a house for K.F. Schinkel» Japan Architect «A house of one’s own –                         not a house on its own», Vienna, 1. Prize
1980            Rauchstraße Berlin, 2. Prize, International Construction Exposition Berlin (IBA) 1980
1981            Fire station in Mödling close to Vienna, 2. Prize
1984            Look out in Dudelange, Luxemburg, 1. Prize School Centre in Vienna, Ankauf Hitchhike-                           Trainstation Berlin
1985            Rearrangement of the Chateau Collart in Bettemburg, Luxemburg, 1. Prize
                    Competition«Place de l’Etoile», Luxembourg
                    Competition«Place Clairefontaine », Luxembourg
                    Commercial Academy Vienna
                    Housing construction and public space design in Vienna
1986            Capital area in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
1987            Fire Brigade Salzburg
1988            Housing development in Linz, Austria
1989            Austrian Pavilion for the World Expo in Seville Spa establishment
                    in Tatzmannsdorf/Burgenland, Austria
1990            Luxemburgish Pavilion for the World Expo in Seville, 2. Prize Housing area
                    « Reimerwée», Kirchberg, Luxemburg,
                    1. Prize and realisation
                    Apartment- and commercial building in Saarbrucken, Germany
1991            Design of the pedestrian area in front of the Grand Duke’s Palace in Luxemburg-City,
                    1. Prize and realisation
                    «Centre Mondial de la Paix» in Verdun, France, 2. Prize
                    The Crematory, Hamm, Luxemburg, 2. Prize
                    Hotel & service industry complex Dessau, Germany
1992            Invited idea competition Expo 2000, Hannover
                    Local Competition «Folsterhöhe» in Saarbrucken, Germany
                    International Competition for the Capital Berlin – Spreebogen, Berlin, Germany
1993            Invited to the competition of the « Dortmunder Union Brauerei », Germany
1993–1995  Embassy of the Grand-Duchy de Luxembourg in Vienna, Austria, 1. Prize and realisation
                    Architectural Award from the «Fondation l’Architecture et de l’Ingénierie Luxembourg»
1994            Invited to the Local Competition « Wohnen und Arbeiten », MA24, Vienna
                    Invited to the International Competition «Museum Simeonstift », Trier, Germany
1995            Competition for the realisation of an administrative building in Mainz, Germany
                    Promotional Competition – Kragan/West in Vienna, Austria
1996            Developers competition «Perfektastrasse» Vienna, Austria, 1. Prize and realisation
                    Facing design «Ekazent», Halle-Neustadt, Germany, 1. Prize and realisation
                    Social Housing – old mill «Favoriten » Vienna, 2. Prize
1997            Invited entry competition Philharmonic building, Luxembourg-Kirchberg
                    Reconstruction of Schloss Bensberg, Cologne, Germany
                    National Museum of History and Arts, Luxembourg-City, 3. Prize
                    Competition for the Opera of Linz, Austria
1998            Competition for a new administration building for the Ciments S.A., Esch-sur-Alzette,                           Luxembourg
                    Ideas competition for local authority housing, Rösslergasse, Vienna, Austria
                    Housing estate «Purkersdorf», Vienna, Austria
1999            Invited urban planning competition Hessentor, Neuss, Germany
                    Expert report Höchstädteplatz «Castor und Pollux», Vienna, Austria
                    Office and apartment building in Bratislava, Czech Republic
2000            «Baths of Bonnevoie», Luxembourg, 1. Prize and realisation
2000            «Commerzbank head-office» in Luxembourg-Kirchberg, 1. Prize and realisation
2000            Invited entry competition for an old person’s home, Château de Heisdorf, Luxembourg,
                    1. Prize and realisation
                    «Kleines Festspielhaus – Haus fu?r Mozart » in Salzbourg,
                    1. Prize and realisation
2000-2008   Lycée classique in Diekirch, Luxembourg
2002-2013  Visitor Centre « Haff Remich », Remerschen, Luxembourg
2003-2006  Youth hostel and elementary school, Remerschen, Luxembourg
2004-2005  Construction of a pub for the Municipal Theatre of Luxembourg
2004-2006  School of Wellenstein, Luxembourg
2004-2006  Conversion and extension of the Jankowitz’ House into apartments and office space at
                    Bech-Kleinmacher, Luxembourg
2004-2006  Information-Centre «Accord de Schengen », Schengen, Luxembourg
2004-2007  Housing development for apartments in Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Quartier Grünewald,
                    1. Prize and realisation
2005            Administrative building « Moes » , Remich, Luxembourg
2005-2009  Wellness & Spa Building for the Hotel St. Nicolas, Remich, Luxembourg
2005-2009  «Les Thermes» realisation of a bath and water park in Luxembourg-Strassen,
                    1. Prize of the competition
                    Winner of the Construction Price 2012, Chamber of Architects and Engineers of
                    OAI Luxembourg
2004-2008  New wine cellars in Schengen, Luxembourg
2005            Construction of a home for the aged in Atzgendorf, Austria
                    1. Prize and realisation
2006            University Building in the City of Sciences at Belval-East, Luxembourg, 2. Prize
2006-2007  Conversion of the Congress Hall in Saarbrucken, Germany
2006-2007  Art Galery Rackey 2 at Bad Honnef, Germany
2006-2007  Residence « A Spunjesch », Remerschen, Germany
2006-2009  Port (Marina and Esplanade), Baku, Azerbaijan
2006-2009  Urban Development for a Boulevard at Baku, Azerbaijan
2007            Beethoven Festival Hall in Bonn, Germany
2007-2010  Luxembourgish pavilion for the World Exposition 2010 in Shanghai, China,
                    1. Prize and realisation
2008–2012  Bank building for the Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État (BCEE), Grevenmacher,
2008-2015  University library «La Maison du Livre» at Esch-Belval, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg,
                    1. Prize and realisation
2009            Idea concept for a looking point on the fortress plateau as a showroom for architectural
                    work, Federal Horticultural Show 2011, Koblenz, Germany
2009-2010  Restaurant « Le Bistrot Gourmand », Remerschen, Luxembourg
2009-2012  Residential Building with 18 units at Grevenmacher, Luxembourg
2009-2010  Restaurant « Le Chalet », Remerschen, Luxembourg
2009-2012  Residential allotment « Rilspert » with 23 row houses, Bertrange, Luxembourg
2009-2012  Nursery School for the Hospital Centre of Luxembourg (CHL)
2009-2012  New Motherhouse for the Hospital Centre of Luxembourg (CHL)
2009-2013  Modification of the «Theatre am Ring» in Saarlouis, Germany
                    1. Prize and realisation
2009-2013  «Les Jardins de Schengen », luxury apartments for aged people, Schengen, Luxembourg
2010            «European Train-Station», construction of an administrative building, Saarbrücken,
                    Germany, 1. Prize
2010            Outline development plan for a student’s hall of residence (PAP), Esch-sur-Alzette,
2010-2013  Construction of an administrative and financial building, Quartier du Kiem,                    
                    Luxembourg, 1. Prize
2010-2014  «Erich-Kästner-Gymnasium», Construction of a secondary school in Cologne, Germany
2010-2011  Pharmacy « Goedert », Luxembourg
2010            Colonne des Nations pour les 25 ans des Accords de Schengen, LU
2010            Design for the Esplanade of Schengen, LU
2010-2012  Design for the Esplanade of Remich, cycle way and flood control measures
2010-2012  3 row houses « op der Wollefskaul » in Remerschen, LU
2010            «Enzdorf-Landmark», Construction of a landmark in Enzdorf, Germany
2011-2012  Construction of the Festival Hall in Trancoso for the festival «Musica em Trancoso» Bahia,
2010-2013  Bistrot « Steinhäuser », Schengen, Luxembourg
2010-2014 «Busan-Opera», Building of a new opera hall in Busan, South Korea
2010-2014  Construction of a lake stage with cultural centre in Insenborn, Luxembourg
2010            Schengen Park, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China
2011 -          Reception building and new administrative building Rotarex Group, Luxembourg
2011            Community house and sacristy in Neunhausen, Luxembourg
                    Mentionned for Bauhärepräis 2012 of the OAI (Luxembourg chamber of Architects and
2011-2013  « Epicerie Wagener » and construction of apartments in Schengen
2011-          Transformation and renovation of the restaurant « La Rotonde » in Schwebsange
2012-          Koch’haus in Schengen
2012-          „Pontonboot“ in Schengen
2012 -          Construction of « Black Mostra» Sao Paulo, Brazil
2012-2013   Transformation of the old Rodenbourg’ farm house in Junglinster,
2012- 2013  Construction of the Theatre of Salvador, Brazil



1975            Little Gallery (Kleine Galerie), Vienna, Austria
1980            Central Association of Austrian Architects
1981            Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria
1982            Ecole d’Architecture de Nancy
                    Ecole d’Architecture de Strasbourg
1985            Municipal Centre of Luxembourg
                    Forum Municipal Park Graz, Austria
                    Gropius-Building, International Building Exposition (IBA), Berlin
1986            Culture Days Karlsruhe, Germany
1989            Architects Chamber Vienna, Austria
                    Municipal Centre of Luxembourg
1990            Summer Academy Luxembourg
                    Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg
1991            Representative of Luxembourg at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, Italy
                    Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg
1994            Paintings and Sculptures, Galerie Lugner, Vienna, Austria
                    Exhibition «Spatial Poetry» – Architecture Initiative, Salzburg, Austria
1995            Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg
                    Participant in the Triennale, Milano, Italy
1996            Banque du Luxembourg
                    Ecole d’Architecture de Nancy, France
1998            Group Exhibition
                    Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg
2001            Special Exhibition « Architecture in Luxembourg» in the «Ausstellungszentrum im
1996            Banque du Luxembourg
                    Ringturm», Vienna, Austria
2002            Exhibition at the Galerie Clairefontaine, City of Luxembourg
2003            Exhibition in the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, USA
2004            Exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic
                    Exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia
2005            Exhibition «From Frustration to Desire» in Saarlouis, Germany
                    Exhibition in the Palais Nostitz in Prague, Czech Republic «Inspirations Luxembourgeoises»
2007            Exhibition in Berlin, Germany
                    Exhibition «Bentz & friends» in the Wine-Cellars Bentz in Remich, Luxembourg
2013            Black Orchestrated Exhibition in the Museo Brasileiro da Escultura MuBE, Sao Paolo,
2013            «Forever Young! Architecture for Generations!» Exhibition in the German Museum of
                    Architecture (DAM)



International summer achademy, Salzburg, Austria ; university of applied arts in Vienna, Austria, Institute of Architecture St Lucas in Gent, Belgium ; Institute of Architecture St Lucas in Brugges and Liège, Belgium ; «Ecole d´Architecture» in Nancy, France ; Chamber of Architects, Luxembourg ; University of applied sciences, Darmstadt ; Institut of historical art in Tu?bingen, Germany ; Invitations to conferences in Portland, Seattle and Washington, USA ; University of applied sciences in Graz, Austria ; University of applied sciences in Prague, Czech Republic ; Foundation of Architecture and Engineering, Luxembourg ; University of Bochum and Wuppertal, Germany ; Chamber of Architects of Sachsen-Anhalt in Magdeburg, Germany ; University of applied sciences, Leipzig, Germany ; University of Bratislawa, Slovakia ; Architectural Symposium at Saarlouis, Germany ; Plateforme AIT, Portugal ; Wood Conference at Koblenz, Germany ; Colloquium «Pro-Wood» in Schengen, Luxembourg ; Exposition Conference in Berlin, Germany ; «Cuture of Construction» conference «Baukultur Salon» in Gelsenkirchen, Germany ; Conference «Vom Frust zur Lust – Die Leidenschaft des Bauens» «From Frustration to Desire – the Passion of Construction» in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg ; Future Workshop «Future of music – Dreams of the future» «Zukunft der Musik – Zukunftsmusik», Centre for applied politics research «Centrum fu?r angewandte Politikforschung» (CAP), Munich, Germany ;