hermann & valentiny

Luxemburg an Vienna are geographical poles of the architecture by Hubert Hermann and François Valentiny. They run offices in both places; they work and build in both places. Two different architectural traditions, the urban context of Vienna and the vineyard landscape of Luxemburg, are both reflected in their idiom. The partnership was founded when they were architecture students in Vienna under Wilhelm Holzbauer. Through to the present day the interaction bettween the artistic and architectural work is charakteristic for their approch. In the free media of drawings and sculptures is reflected and proposed waht will be built. Determined also by the emphasis on residential and urban planning their interest has recently moved from a formal toward a funcional starting point. In the process the closed building volumes become open and multi-layer structures. The project documentation and interviews with the architects provide information on their working methods and architectural aims.

1995, HERMANN & VALENTINY | Wolfgang Bachmann | Edition Baumeister, Callwey | ISBN 3-7667-1181-4