40 Years Valentiny hvp Architects

5 Books - 5 Topics: Culture, Learning & Working, Living, Leisure, Monography

Pages : 2 150
Format : 488 x 290 mm
Language : EN/FR/DE
Publication Date: June 2021

François Valentiny and Hubert Hermann founded the architecture office Hermann Valentiny Architekten shortly after graduating from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where they had studied together in Wilhelm Holzbauer's master class. The Stadtvillen, conceived in the context of the IBA (International Building Exhibition), were the young team's first project in the early 1980s. The book is a retrospective that looks back over forty years and tells the stories behind the numerous designs and buildings by Valentiny hvp Architects. Five richly illustrated volumes showcase previously unpublished material from the Valentiny Foundation archives and present current projects to the public for the first time. A monography concludes the publication. From Past to Present is dedicated to the Valentiny Foundation, the office building at address 19, Wisswee in Remerschen and the adjoining family home and garden, where François Valentiny created an ideal microcosm: Here, soul and architectural creativity flourish and major international projects are created, from the World Exhibition Pavilion in Shanghai to the Teatro L'Occitane in Bahia and the House for Mozart in Salzburg.

with  forewords by Axel Christmann, Daniela Flor, Jeanne Petesch & Laurye Pexoto. 

2021, 40 Years Valentiny hvp Architects - Stories from the Inside | Anna Valentiny | 

ISBN 978-2-9199670-9-4 Distribution Luxembourg:Point Nemo Publishing
ISBN 978-3-0356-2256-0 International Distribution - except Luxembourg : Birkhäuser