2006 - preschool and primary school - wellenstein - luxembourg

A typical Valentiny design under the large wave of a shared, green roof – a continuation of the linear geometry of the vineyards – the different functions are grouped in individual building elements. The spaces between them are roofed – and thus form play areas protected from the weather, without any constricting definitions. A sculpture amidst the vineyards of Luxembourg that takes up and magnifies the motif of the hilly landscape – the building is low at the front, two-storey behind. The materials: exposed, rough textured concrete (outside), very fine wood surfaces (inside) – a deliberate contrast – and glass. The form: dynamically rounded/sharp-edged, incised/protruding outwards. The outdoor space directly around the building and through the building is hardsurfaced (wood), in addition there is a planted garden. From outside light, air and sun pour through the timber and glass façade; in the depths of the building striking circular protrusions in the roof take on this function. Considerable room heights at places with extra-wide intermediate spaces, views through the building and a complex interlocking of different levels provide the children with a landscape of architectural experiences.

Bauherr | Client: Gemeinde Wellenstein | Wellenstein local authority

Planungsbeginn | Start of planning: 2002
Baubeginn | Start of construction: 2003
Fertigstellung | Completion: 2005
Nutzfläche | Usable floor area: 1.056 m2 (innen | inside), 750 m2 (überdachter Außenraum | roofed outdoor space)
Umbauter Raum | Enclosed volume: 8.996 m3
Freifläche | Outdoor area: 2.740 m2
Landschaftsplaner | Landscape planner: HVP
Projektleitung | Project management: HVP 

Wolfgang Weil


photo © Eloi Fromangé-Gonin

photo © GG Kirchner