2006 - commerzbank - kirchberg - luxembourg

An extremely large complex occupying two lots in the block grid of this district. In fact it explodes the urban planning concept devised by HVP – a fact that, however, is made relative by the solution found for the entrance. Although the system of paths through the grid is interrupted at this point, a deep incision in the building block continues it visually. This solution represents a gain – and not merely in urban design terms. The incision is roofed, that is to say once again a sheltered outdoor area that mediates between inside and outside; at the same time it means more external façade – indispensable for the natural daylighting of the offices. For the same reason there is also an internal courtyard at the rear of the building. In addition it provides the staff with a wonderful outdoor space. It is defined simply by a free-standing row of concrete columns. A s a result the block remains visually perceptible, despite the building’s meandering form.

This is a special kind of office building. Two different areas of a concern that deals with private banking, with investment, not only have here their work and meeting spaces, the strong room area (which is directly accessible from the underground garage) and a top floor specially laid out for customer consultation; these concern areas also present themselves in a certain sense. In architectural and design terms all the signals aim at conveying openness and transparency, paired with stability and security. Both institutions share the impressive entrance hall: it is glazed, five-storeys high, and the galleries hung in the space provide walkways around it. As has already been said a special case. Here HVP were able to draw on abundant resources. This applies in particular to the choice of materials – sanded concrete, marble, a lot of wood – to the spatial generosity of the solution, to the meticulous composition of the interior design measures, to the way the outdoor areas are formulated – the entrance area in the north, the internal courtyard in the south.

Bauherr | Client: CB Building Kirchberg GmbH

Wettbewerb | Competition: 2000
Planungsbeginn | Start of planning: 2000
Baubeginn | Start of construction: 2001
Fertigstellung | Completion: 2003
Nutzfläche | Usable floor area: 25.400 m2
Umbauter R aum | Enclosed volume: 91.800 m3
Freifläche | Outdoor area: 1.136 m2
Überdachter Eingangsbereich | Roofed entrance area: 170 m2
Landschaftsplaner | Landscape planner: HVP
Projektleitung | Project management: HVP 

Axel Christmann