SCHENGEN - European Heritage Label
Francois Valentiny has been chosen as one of the “100 architects of the year” 2016 by the Korean Institute of Architects
WINNER HOLZBAUPREIS EIFEL 2016 / Biodiversum "haff remich" - remerschen - luxembourg
dental university - krems - austria
university library «maison du livre » - esch/belval - luxembourg
gare routière - remich - luxembourg
wine museum - ehnen - luxembourg
Theater and concert Hall construction in the Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
theater am ring - saarlouis - germany
valentiny foundation - remerschen - luxembourg
residential housing - metz - france
Workshop of Shanghai Business University - Creative Visual Thinking - supervised by DETAO Masters Professor Fernando Brandao from Brazil, Professor Hikosaka from Japan and Professor Francois Valentiny from Luxembourg.
transformation of a private house reuter-anastasiou- bech-kleinmacher - luxembourg
VA studio shanghai - low carbon city - shenzhen - china
festival open air mozarteum - trancoso - brazil