die geschichte der salzburger festspiele

The history of the Salzburg festival plays an important role in the realisation of this lofty project. The integration of the existing buildings from Fischer von Erlachs was not a requirement. However, it was a nice thought to connect the history of the town to the talents of the festival. Then it was Clemens Holzmeister who succeeded in uniting three venues under a roof and, admittedly, the small festival performance house soon turned out to become a little ideal to give a frame suited for theatre to productions for small productions. Thus emerged the idea of a new concept the “house for Mozart” which came true, finally, with alllen consequences also for the facade of the whole festival performance tract in the year of the Mozart’s 250th birthday.

Die Bauten der Salzburger Festspiele von 1894 bis 2006 | Wilhelm Hozbauer, François Valentiny | Jung & Jung, Salzburg und Wien | ISBN 3-902497-16-5,978-3-902497-16-1