2006 - avalon housing development, house 13 - kirchberg - luxembourg

A housing development on a plateau in Luxembourg-City. A typical urban expansion area, with the involvement of very different kinds of architects’ offices. And yet not comparable with urban peripheral situations in a large city such as Vienna. On the Kirchberg the atmosphere is more international (administration buildings, large cultural buildings) and housing is also ascribed a different value. Social housing is not the theme here, but living space for a better-off clientele, that is to say high-quality privately-owned apartments. These aspirations are met by HVP’s buildings, which were built at the entrance to this development (Houses 3 and 4) and more recently also at the end (House 13). The anthracite-coloured clinker brick façades place a calm and elegant accent in a mixed development, and generously dimensioned areas of glazing offer an attractive view, even from the depth of the apartments. Loggias and balconies are protected by the broad overhang of the roof that defines the building volumes in a special way. Wooden sliding elements can be used individually – to provide shade, to close oneself off. There is a special case, imaginary and unrealistic, when all the shutters are closed: the building would be transformed into a monolithic sculpture closed off from the outside world. But this will never happen, the building is alive.

Client: Felix Giorgetti Immobilier Sarl

Competition: 1989
Start of planning: 1990
Start of construction: 2004
Completion: 2006
Usable floor area: 2.890 m2
Enclosed volume: 11.991 m3
Residential units: 39
Outdoor area: 2.400 m2
Landscape planner: HVP

Project management: HVP Axel Christmann