2007 - a shed - remerschen - luxembourg

Pure architecture. Not much more than a shed for the agricultural machinery of the winegrowers in this area. Planned within a very tight financial corset – the hall could not cost more than a “ready-made“ product – and therefore carried with positively Spartanic means.

An inexpensive steel and concrete construction, the concrete piers remain visible; walls were erected in front of them and above are the curving waves of a roof that terminates the space; the floor is still provisionally covered with gravel (for cost reasons). The hall measures about 30 by 60 metres and snuggles into the hilly landscape of the vineyards in the Moselle valley. Even when viewed from above the wavy roof with its external planting makes the impression that it has grown naturally, as it were.

The hall is taller at the front, lower at the rear. There is where the rooms for local associations are located. All necessary provisions were made for possible changes of function, the walls were built to such a standard that the building can be heated, at some time in the future.

In a certain sense this shed embodies the essential primitive hut of the Moselle Valley. It is not made of wood, as in this region there has always been a shortage of timber, functional buildings of this kind were built of stone. And its walls are rendered externally in a very rough and crude technique, which has a long tradition here.

As was said, a primitive hut. A simple shed, basic – if you like: rural – architecture. An example of anonymous building that, however, does have an author; an author who understands language and games played with expression. Traditional architecture – remodelled with a pinch of zeitgeist.

Bauherr | Client: Administration communale de Schengen

Planungsbeginn | Start of planning: 2006
Baubeginn | Start of construction: 2007
Fertigstellung | Completion: 2007
Nutzfläche | Usable floor area: 800 m2
Umbauter Raum | Enclosed volume: 4.600 m3
Freifläche | Outdoor area: 1.700 m2
Landschaftsplaner | Landscape planner: HVP
Projektleitung | Project management: HVP

Werner Feltes


photo © Eloi Fromangé-Gonin